Ryvalmedia Pulse (Vol.37)


This issue we highlight Foxtel's increased streaming TV presence, the growth of online advertising and the continued rollout of Meta's creator marketplace.

Foxtel shakes up the streaming landscape with Hubbl launch

Foxtel’s new streaming platform, Hubbl, is set to be a consolidated ‘one-stop shop’ for 18 global and local steaming apps, including all the major streaming services. The product itself will be available as a standalone device that plugs into a TV, as well as the entire television set through Hubbl Glass TV. The introduction of this device is a direct response to “effortlessly fuse free & paid entertainment and sport…into one seamless user experience”. While there are no plans in the short-term for advertising opportunities on Hubbl, it is only a matter of time until this is explored. Success will also depend on consumer adoption, whether users will find the cost of a new streaming device beneficial. However, Foxtel has had no problems adapting to consumer needs in the past, with Kayo and Binge both successes in the Australian market. Hubbl is a device for both brands and media agencies to keep their eye on, as this may unlock new ways to reach users in an engaging platform and could reshape how BVOD/SVOD advertising is managed. Learn more

IAB release their CY2023 online advertising expenditure report

Despite a tough 2023 with consistent economic uncertainty, the Australian online advertising market saw +3.7% YoY growth. While growth is slowing YoY compared to the 2022 calendar year (+9.1% growth), it still highlights resilience of the online advertising market in tough market conditions and shows some interesting growing industry trends. The powerhouses of search and general display continue to be the main drivers of growth and total market spend, but online audio saw the largest YoY growth at +20.6%. While online audio advertising spend represents only 4.6% of the total general display advertising market in 2023, the audience growth in this medium is being noticed by more advertisers. The IAB report comes just days before the release of the 8th wave of the online audio industry report that will dive into agency and marketer intentions and sentiments in relation to audio investment, measurement, opportunities, and barriers. While still in its infancy compared to larger online advertising formats like video, the growing content availability, and opportunities to connect with audiences is increasingly peaking the interest of brands and provides a cut-through opportunity to reach audiences in a saturated advertising market. Learn more

Meta rolls out creator marketplace across ANZ

With the recent launch of creator marketplace across Meta’s Instagram, there has never been more opportunity for brands and creators to connect directly and collaborate. The increased transparency will assist brands to filter their searches and create lists to tailor exactly what creator they are looking to work with. The new marketplace will also allow brands to put out briefs to creators to apply and respond. However, with the rise of AI and new technologies, Meta has been quick to callout the increasing concern over the regulations of AI-generated content. Meta will work with industry partners to align on technical standards that will make it clear when content has been created using AI via Meta’s native AI image generator, similar to current regulations around sponsored content. With the continued rise of micro-influencers as brands explore more ‘genuine’ & ‘authentic’ connections, having a marketplace to find these influencers easier within your niche can help create better content, and make it easier to spot potential talent. Learn more

The Ryvalmedia Pulse is prepared fortnightly by Alex Pupko (Strategy Executive), with this issue in collaboration with Cohen Sizemore (Business Manager).


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