Ryvalmedia Pulse (Vol.40)


This fortnight we highlight IAB's recent programmatic DOOH report, the resurgence of magazine readership in a digital world and LinkedIn's new ad formats to drive deeper platform engagement. We also look to our partner's at Tightrope Consulting on how to harness AI for retail success.

DOOH continues to grow, but more education is needed across programmatic DOOH

The IAB’s recent “Attitudes to Programmatic DOOH” report reveals that while 82% of agency respondents are regularly considering or using digital OOH as a part of their advertising activity (+13% since 2022), which is in line with current static OOH consideration and usage, only 52% are looking to book DOOH programmatically (+4% since 2022). This is in despite of those that have invested in programmatic DOOH reporting high satisfaction in achieving operational efficiencies for brands. With data and targeting, contextual relevance and flexible buying being the key drivers amongst agencies for buying programmatic DOOH, CEO Gai Le Roy highlights that “there continues to be a need for market education and case studies to assist programmatic digital out-of-home advertising”. There is clearly a massive opportunity in the market for advertisers who are looking to diversify their DOOH investment programmatically, with the ability for more dynamic, smarter and efficient outcomes for the advertisers that stay ahead of the trends. Learn more

David vs Goliath: The growth of magazines in a digital world

As both brands and agencies look towards digital media opportunities to best reach their consumers, one unlikely format has been having a healthy revival in a cluttered media landscape. Magazine readership continues to be on the climb with its sixth consecutive quarter of YoY growth, according to Roy Morgan data. Audiences have reported that in addition to magazine providing an escape from daily pressures and the digital/social media noise, 72% of readers love the feeling of physically holding a magazine. With the category being dominated by female readership, Are Media CEO Jane Huxley states that “magazines have a remarkable ability to connect with women and to influence, inform and inspire, turning connection into action through our audiences of intent”. The resurgence of magazine readership is unable to report the vast reach of BVOD or Meta, but it provides the ability to target specific audiences of different publications. With the loyalty associated with magazine readership, there is the opportunity for advertisers to adapt with the changing media landscape by diversifying investment into publications “where connection ignites intention”. Learn more

LinkedIn to introduce a number of new ad formats, keeping engagement high on platform

LinkedIn will launch its new Live Events ad format in the Australian market to meet a growing need to keep on-platform engagement high. With only 5% of buyers in-market for a new purchase at any given time, managing director of LinkedIn Australia Matt Tindale has said that they are “always considering new ways to reach engaged decision-makers”. The launch of Live Events ads will allow advertisers to promote their events before, during and after they have taken place and offer brands the opportunity to create an authentic two-way dialogue with their audience. With the number of professionals viewing events on LinkedIn growing 34% in the last year, this product update has come at a perfect time to allow additional opportunities to connect with the consumer. Other product updates such as sponsored articles and LinkedIn CTV (currently only in USA), are providing both brands and advertisers new ways to connect and engage with their audience. As LinkedIn looks to position itself as the social media platform to drive high engagement with the introduction of new ad formats, they are asserting their role in businesses’ media mix, with the ability to reach key decision makers in the right place at the right time with the right mindset.
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Special feature...

On this special feature, we look to our partners at Tightrope Consulting on how to leverage AI for retail success. In 2024, Australian retailers face escalating challenges amidst evolving market dynamics, economic uncertainties, and technological disruptions. Recent data from CreditorWatch reveals a 4.5% default rate among Australian retail businesses, underscoring the urgency for retailers to keep costs down whilst ensuring they deliver the right product, to the right customer, through the right channels, at the right time. AI emerges as a game-changer in this landscape, offering solutions to mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities. The top 10 challenges faced by retailers in 2024 include personalised marketing, cross and up-selling, trend forecasting, dynamic pricing, inventory management, supply chain optimisation, customer service enhancement, in-store experience innovation, fraud detection and prevention, and voice commerce integration. Leveraging AI technologies from OpenAI, Google, and others, retailers can not only navigate these challenges but also transform them into growth opportunities. Tightrope Consulting offers a structured approach to embracing AI in retail, assisting businesses in defining objectives and implementing AI solutions for tangible results. Ready to unlock the potential of AI-driven retail? Reach out to Tightrope Consulting. Learn more

The Ryvalmedia Pulse is prepared fortnightly by Alex Pupko (Strategy Executive), with this issue in collaboration with Hayley Major (Business Manager).


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