Ryvalmedia becomes an accredited sponsor to fast-track international worker visas

Ryvalmedia becomes an accredited sponsor

Independent media agency Ryvalmedia has become an accredited sponsor which allows it to fast-track a 12-15 month wait for visa applications for international workers down to a few weeks.

Since COVID Australia’s borders have been shut for foreign talent with more than 600,000 temporary visa holders leaving the country, now two years on there are more jobs in the Australian market than job seekers.

The Albanese government is making migration into Australia easier but there are still processing delays due to resource shortages at immigration offices and a backlog of applications that were left unattended for the two pandemic years.

Therefore, the government has thrown businesses a helpline to streamline international recruitment. 

The only problem is it's not well publicised.

Kris Yule, head of client service and partnerships at Ryvalmedia Brisbane, explained to AdNews the processes his agency took to become an accredited sponsor for international workers.

Yule: “In our case, the visa we applied for was the 482 visa, that’s not the only type of visa available for our industry but it's the main visa available for skilled workers.” 

The 482 visa is a subclass of the temporary skill shortage visa which enables employers to address labour shortages by bringing in skilled workers where employers can't source an appropriately skilled Australian worker.

An individual with a 482 visa can work in Australia for their sponsor for up to four years. The visa costs $2,770 for the main applicant and for each dependent.

Yule: “When we applied for the 482 visa the processing time was between three to six months, but then increased to a 12 to 15 month wait and that's due to the large backlog of applications in all manner of visa areas, not just the 482. 

“So instead of just waiting, we asked how can we, as an employer, provide a better service and be a better partner for people who are wishing to make Australia home? 

“We hired a visa specialist, specifically we used a company called Visa People, to help us develop strategies to elevate ourselves.

“Eventually what Ryvalmedia did was apply to the government to become an accredited sponsor, which means we can shorten that processing time down to as little as a couple of weeks.

“As a result, we're pleased to announce that one of our first hires through this process will be joining us in December.” 

An accredited sponsor receives priority when the department of home affairs processes Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482) (TSS) or Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 494) (SESR) nominations and visa applications.

Applications cost $420.

Yule: “To get accredited there is a process you have to follow, where the company has to achieve certain criteria - some of it is financial and some of it is having sponsorship experience.

“Essentially the government gives this status to businesses that are going to grow the economy.

“Now we are accredited sponsors, it makes partnering with people who want to work in Australia much easier as we can shorten their process to getting here, rather than making them wait an uncertain 15 months. 

“The UK is an obvious target for candidates because a lot of Australian holding groups have offices, most big accounts are the same and language is not an issue.

“But Asian markets are also similarly frictionless, in particular, Singapore.

“We just want to give ourselves the best chance at attracting the best talent.

“It also gives us the confidence to approach whoever we feel is best suited to the role, whether they're here in Australia or elsewhere.”

Published by Adnews, 8th December 2022


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