Ryvalmedia Digital Pulse (Vol. 20)

Ryvalmedia Digital Pulse (Vol. 20)

This fortnight's topics include; Google announcing the removal of four attribution models, new Instagram features being released and the IAB's response to the Privacy Act View Report.

Google annouces it is removing four attribution models

Google has announced it is removing a number of attribution models within Google Ads. This decision comes after rules-based attribution models have seen a continual decrease after the introduction of DDA three years ago. The decrease in use of these models now sees them making up less than 3% of Google web conversions combined. With a reduction in signals due to cookie and iOS changes, it comes as no surprise that Google is making this change. Multi-touch attribution models are quickly becoming obsolete with most advertisers now utilising Data-Driven Attribution (DDA) or remaining on a last-click model. Learn more

Meta releases new features on Instagram Reels

With continued competition between Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts & TikTok, creators are always looking for ways to stay on top of trends and discover new ideas. Meta are adding a dedicated destination to Instagram for this very purpose, where creators and users will be able to see top trending Reels, and an improved Reels insights section where creators will be able to better understand holistically how their content is performing. Two new metrics will be added as part of these insights: Total Watch Time and Average Watch Time. These additions mark an exciting opportunity for advertisers looking to use video in the Reel space as creators will have direct viewability on how their content is consumed and by who. Learn more

IAB responds to Privacy Act Review Report

The IAB have recently published their response to the Attorney General’s Privacy Act Review Report. The IAB have expressed concerns that the proposed privacy changes by the Australian government are placing a threat on online content. It claims the presented reforms would potentially place regulatory burdens on digital advertising, which would slow investment into the digital economy. The proposal stipulates that the definition of “personal information” would be broadened, and that personal information collection notices on digital platforms would be increased. The IAB are stating these changes are unnecessary and would rather implement a modernised privacy framework where collected data is safe, protecting consumer privacy. Learn more

This week's Digital Pulse was prepared by Rob Clark (Business Executive).


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