Ryvalmedia Pulse (Vol.38)


This issue we highlight LiSTNR's new product update, IAB Tech Lab's concerns around Google's Privacy Sandbox and Free TV's call to change government legislation.

The audio landscape continues to strengthen, with LiSTNR’s new product update

After rejecting a proposed takeover bid from ARN, SCA have further cemented themselves as one of the leaders in the digital audio landscape by announcing a significant product update. With changing media landscapes shifting advertisers and businesses attention towards digital formats; linear TV to streaming, broadcast radio to digital audio, the timely release of LiSTNR’s (SCA’s digital arm) AdTech Hub is set to deliver increased personalisation and targeting; extensive dynamic creative optimisation; an Australian based CDP and first party data clean room solutions and services. LiSTNR have also made significant functionality and design updates to its app to provide a better experience to its 1.8 million user base. It is clear that audio is booming in Australia with over 60% of advertisers intending to increase investment in streaming audio & podcasting across 2024 (Source: IAB Audio Advertising State of the Nation, 2024). This recent product update from LiSTNR is a great step forward for the Australian audio landscape as Australian publishers look to take on the global audio networks & publishers. Learn more

IAB Tech Lab raises new concerns around Google’s Privacy Sandbox

IAB Tech Lab have released a report that identifies key issues with Google’s Privacy Sandbox. The report comes after similar concerns were raised by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) who have warned Google that it will not allow further cookie deprecation unless all concerns are resolved. As the Privacy Sandbox is intended to offer an alternative method of executing targeted digital advertising once 3rd party cookies are fully deprecated, there are questions around whether Google will still benefit from their rich 1st party data while limiting competitors’ access to the same data. Some concerns also include Google’s ability to control what ad tech services are compatible with the Privacy Sandbox and how both publishers and advertisers will be able to effectively identify fraudulent activity. While Google continue to cooperate with CMA, they have been vocal in their disappointment with the IAB Tech Lab highlighting that the report has “fundamental errors” and “inaccuracies”. Given the uncertainties around Google’s Privacy Sandbox and the potential limitations of access to data, it is important to explore alternative targeting strategies beyond a reliance on Google’s 1st party data and 3rd party cookies. Implementing alternative Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET’s) while exploring other targeting methods such as contextual targeting or leveraging owned 1st party data can help mitigate reliance on Google's ecosystem and adapt to potential changes more effectively. Learn more

Free TV calls for change to government legislation

Free TV have recently launched a major television campaign on the growing concern of the disappearance of free television behind paywalls if the current government legislation does not change. The body, which includes representatives from key free-to-air TV channels are calling for immediate changes to the legislation as subscription TV providers continue to chase after key sporting programmes and squeeze out BVOD visibility on Smart TVs. While the existing legislation prevents subscriptions services from buying exclusive terrestrial broadcast rights to iconic sporting events like the Olympics, AFL, NRL and cricket, they can still acquire exclusive digital rights which would be a major concern to BVOD services. Free TV CEO Bridget Fair says the campaign puts the public interest first and that “Australians deserve to know that their access to free news, sport and other content is under threat unless the federal government acts”. While advertising investment in broadcast TV remains high, the limitation of the current legislation threatens the potential audience reach across these channels. Understanding consumption habits of audiences beyond television, especially in a country where sports has strong pulling power, will continue to be more crucial as an investment over reliance in this channel may cause both long and short-term issues with increased pressures from digital formats. Learn more

The Ryvalmedia Pulse is prepared fortnightly by Alex Pupko (Strategy Executive), with this issue in collaboration with Duhan Davies (Business Executive).


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