Ryvalmedia Pulse (Vol.44)


This fortnight we highlight LisTNR's data partnership with DataCo Technologies, European Out-of-home (OOH) outlet Wildstone entering the Australian market and Samsung Ads recent report on how to budget for an effective screens strategy.

LiSTNR further develop product offering with DataCo Technologies partnership

Following from the launch of LiSTNR’s Ad Tech Hub in April, the audio giant has recently announced a partnership with DataCo Technologies which will allow for first party data integration. The new integration will allow advertisers to audience match their 1PD against LiSTNR’s 1.95 million listeners and overlay segments or spending levels, even as granular as being able to target users based on the category of spend they index highest in. This partnership comes at a time of growing changes to how data and privacy is used within media, and how both brands and advertisers are able to future-proof their business by leveraging first party data. By leveraging LiSTNR’s first party data base, DataCo Technologies will act as a data clean room to connect LiSTNR’s data to merchant data from Australia’s leading financial providers and further allow brands to use their own first party data in a safe and privacy-compliant manner. This partnership gives advertisers the strongest data matching capabilities across all the digital audio platforms, and means brands will benefit from enhance planning, performance and optimisation capabilities. Learn more

Australian OOH market continues to grow, with European OOH outlet entering the market

European outdoor media Wildstone has announced their launch into the Australian market. With more than 5,000 static and digital out-of-home (OOH) sites already owned and operated across Europe since 2010, the company sees the Australian market as the perfect opportunity to grow their business. With the similar strategy that has brought success across Europe to be implemented across Australia, the digital-focused company is set to acquire existing OOH portfolios and individual sites and convert them to digital formats. According to WARC, 70% of Australian OOH spend is already digital and is forecast to grow an additional 14%. With the ongoing move to push traditional formats down the digital route, the digitisation focus from Wildstone will allow advertisers to reach more areas and have more control through digital and programmatic benefits and highlights the growing value of OOH in the Australian market. Wildstone’s clear approach to focus on digital OOH is highlighting the continued growth not just of OOH in the Australian market, but the value that more brand control over digital OOH can have on effectively reaching an audience and have digital OOH play a key role in brand advertising. Learn more

Samsung Ads highlight the effective investment required across a screens strategy

The recent Samsung Ads report, in collaboration with Nielsen, has delved into how to maximise reach and efficiency for brands screens strategy. The report highlights that by allocating 30% of total TV budget to streaming services (SVOD), brands can tap into a growing Australian audience that continue to watch video via connected TV (CTV).  The “rule of 30” refers to diversifying spend with 70% towards linear TV ads and 30% towards SVOD to ensure maximum audience reach. While the 70/30 split was tested against a broad 18-54 years audience, greater efficiencies were highlighted with different demographic parameters. When wanting to reach an under 40 years audience, brands can achieve greater with SVOD compared to linear TV with budgets of $1.3 million or less. Furthermore, brands with budgets of less than $800,000 can find maximum reach and efficiencies by weighting 55% of screens budget towards SVOD. With brands wanting to be smarter with their media investment while reaching their core demographic/s, now has never been a more important time to understand how certain demographics interact with screens and media as a whole, to be able to weight budget effectively for maximum performance. Further opportunities across programmatic buying allows for greater efficiencies and closer targeting to maximise reach across digital screens. Learn more

The Ryvalmedia Pulse is prepared fortnightly by Alex Pupko (Strategy Manager), with this issue in collaboration with Keegan Wicken (Business Manager).


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