Ryvalmedia Digital Pulse (Vol. 22)

Ryvalmedia Digital Pulse (Vol. 22)

This fortnight we will be running a special edition of the Digital Pulse focusing on Google's annual I/O event last week which included; AI-powered Search, updates to Google Bard & Immersive Maps View.

Google Unveils New AI-Powered Search Experience

One of the biggest announcements at Google's I/O event was the launch of Google's "new era of Search". With the latest Google search experience, users may see AI-generated answers above search result listings, which include links to the websites used to generate the information. The new Search Generative Experience (SGE) also offers vertical search capabilities, such as Google Shopping results, and enables conversations by allowing users to ask follow-up questions. Google’s new search experience aims to offer users a more seamless and informative journey, with the goal of driving traffic to websites. With Microsoft recently announcing a similar experience update with Bing, it is clear we are entering into a new era of Search which will have large implications for both paid and organic results. Learn More

Google Announces Update to Bard (Google’s rival to ChatGPT)

Google also revealed new updates to Bard, its collaborative generative AI experiment. The latest enhancements will make interactions with Bard more visual, as users will be able to include images in their prompts, leveraging Google Lens to generate creative captions. The coding experience is also being improved, with added source citations and the ability to export code into Replit. Google intends to integrate Bard with popular Google apps like Docs, Drive, Gmail, and Maps, offering users additional tools for creativity and productivity. Bard’s latest updates demonstrate Google’s intention to compete with Microsoft/OpenAI in the AI race. Time will tell who will ultimately come out on top, but for now, these advances are sure to excite both users and developers alike. Learn More

Google Expands Google Maps Immersive View

Also showcased at the I/O conference is Google Maps’ new feature "Immersive View for Routes", which combines traffic simulations, bike lanes, complex intersections, and parking all into one place. It utilises computer vision and AI to create a digital model of cities that enable users to navigate their journey whilst also offering insights into real-time traffic and weather conditions. Immersive View for Routes will begin to rollout across 15 major cities around the world in the next few months, including Amsterdam, London, New York and Tokyo. Learn More

This week's Digital Pulse was prepared by Leo Wu (Business Coordinator).


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