Ryvalmedia Pulse (Vol.41)


This fortnight we highlight the further delays Google are facing with its cookie deprecation, how younger audiences are interacting with gaming as outlined in Livewire's recent Next Gen Attention Study and look at a Bluey masterclass in brand activation and what other businesses can learn from this.

Google delays cookie deprecation in Chrome…again

In what now feels like unsurprising news, the deadline for cookie deprecation in Chrome has again been pushed back, with the new deadline being outline as “early next year” (2025). This is now the third time that Google has changed its deadline for deprecation with the original announcement over four years ago in January 2020. It’s key reasoning for the delay is to ensure the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has enough time to “review all evidence” it has submitted in relation to the 39 concerns that were raised by the CMA about Google’s proposed alternative to third-party cookies, Privacy Sandbox (see Pulse Vol. 38). While the deadline for cookie deprecation has been pushed back, this does not mean that advertisers should take their foot off the gas when it comes to implementing cookie-less solutions and measurement practices. Digital transformation takes time and we are strongly urging advertisers to continue actively working through the implementation of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET’s) as well as building out secure & strong 1st party data infrastructure. Learn more

Livewire report finds younger generations welcome in-game branding

Livewire has recently released their 2024 Next Gen Attention Study, which deep dives into the uptake of gaming across generations. Their report reinforces the widely accepted fact that younger generations seek out gaming as entertainment channel, however, highlights some important statistics on the power of in-game branding and advertising. The Next Gen, defined as Gen Alpha and Gen Z combined, are becoming more accustomed to in-game branding with 76% welcoming of branding moments and are increasingly more likely to make a purchase in response to branding than Millennials. The study also highlights the fact that these cohorts are no longer gaming just to play, but also seek to develop social connections. The value of tapping into gaming to reach a younger audience has never been clearer however, remain aware that branding and advertising across gaming must fit the environment correctly to ensure you are effectively able to capture the attention and engagement of these audiences. Learn more

Bluey’s latest collaboration highlights that brands need to continue to think differently

To integrate with the recent release of the much-talked about episode of Bluey where the family sell their family home (no spoilers here!), Ludo Studio, the creators behind Bluey, collaborated with property marketplace Domain in a unique content marketing play. Domain’s Director of marketing strategy and insights Heather McGovern said, “The idea also aligns with what we want to achieve at Domain, which is ‘humanising the property market’. Buying and selling a home is a deeply emotional experience for Australian families, and this storyline reflects that sentiment”. While brands like Bluey have the ability to partner with large businesses like Domain, these activations reflect the changing media landscape where brands are having to continuously think beyond traditional media buying to reach their consumers. Brands with smaller budgets are also able to leverage opportunities presented by changing consumption habits and a changing marketplace. Alternative out-of-the box opportunities including the leveraging of 1PD and the use of new formats like gaming are continuing to gain popularity, offering brands to be smarter with their media investments and cut through a cluttered marketplace. Learn more

The Ryvalmedia Pulse is prepared fortnightly by Alex Pupko (Strategy Executive), with this issue in collaboration with Franci Holland (Business Coordinator).


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